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Across: Different versions and their compatibility

To put it simply, there are three versions of Across going around. Two of those are desktop installations and the third one is a browser-based version.

The two desktop versions requiring installation are:

  • Across Online Client is used by Sandberg in-house staff, both PMs and translators. This version cannot be used by freelancers, because it only works within the Sandberg internal network.
  • Across Translator Edition is used by all freelance translators. This version cannot be used by in-house translators. There are two further versions of Across Translator Edition: Basic (free) and Premium (monthly paid subscription).
    • The Basic version is free to use but has some limitations. A notable limitation is that this version will only allow connection to one client server. If you use the Across Translator Edition for other clients than Sandberg, or if you wish to do so, you will need the Premium version. If you are unable to use the Basic version for Sandberg projects and don't want to pay for the Premium version, you can use crossWeb for Sandberg projects.
    • The Premium version is a monthly paid subscription. With the subscription, you can both use Across as a standalone CAT tool (as in, import your own documents and translate them using Across) and to connect to an unlimited number of client servers. You can compare the two different versions on the Across website.

Across crossWeb is an alternative to a desktop installation and can be used both by in-house and freelance translators (but not PMs). crossWeb is a browser interface that is free to use and doesn't require installation, but it is also slightly limited in functionality compared with the fulll desktop versions. crossWeb is mainly used by translators who cannot or don't want to use the desktop version of Across or who might temporarily be unable to work on their usual PC with all their software. crossWeb might also be a faster way to quickly translate very small jobs. crossWeb is accessed via the URL http://als.stptrans.com/crossweb/Login.aspx.

There is one important thing to note about crossWeb: in-house translators can switch between Across Online Client and crossWeb as they please, even in the middle of the project if they so wish. Freelance translators on the other hand cannot do this: if a freelancer starts a project in Across Translator Edition, they must complete and deliver it in the Translator Edition, and if they start a project in crossWeb, they must complete and deliver it in crossWeb.

Comparison of different Across versions

Across Online Client Across crossWeb Across Translator Edition (Basic or Premium)
Who can use Sandberg in-house staff Sandberg in-house staff
Freelance translators
Freelance translators
User type Online user Online user
Offline user
Offline user
Software type Desktop software Browser software Desktop software
Version supported 8.0 only n/a 8.0 only
Access Installed on AVD http://als.stptrans.com/crossweb Installer can be found on the Across website
Login method CAP file  and password (provided by PM) Username and password
(provided by PM)
CAP file and password (provided by PM)