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Across: Opening a file for translation

All tasks assigned to you are available by navigating to File > Open Task or from My Tasks on the dashboard. The PM will give you a screenshot or a list of tasks assigned to you for the project. Note that the dates on the Due date column might differ from the deadline you got from your PM - always deliver projects by the deadline in your PO, not the deadline in Across!

You will need to confirm the tasks assigned to you before you can start working on the files. To confirm the assigned tasks, go to My Tasks in the crossBoard and make sure that you only confirm and work on tasks listed for the current project. Select the tasks you wish to confirm and click Confirm/Reject. Click Confirm and Open if you wish to start working on the files immediately.

You can open multiple files for translation at the same time, as long as they meet the following criteria:

  • The tasks must have the same source and target languages.
  • The tasks must be of the same type (e.g. exclusively translation, not translation and correction or translation and review).
  • The tasks must have the same workflow.
  • The tasks must all be assigned to the same user.
  • The tasks must all originate from the same customer.

    If all the criteria are met, a grey plus icon is displayed to the left of the tasks that can be opened at the same time. Click this icon in order to select tasks or keep the CTRL key pressed and select the respective tasks by clicking them.

  • crossWeb

    There only thing different when confirming a task in crossWeb is the layout of the screen. Select you task on the list and click Confirm/Reject to confirm it.