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Across: Keyboard shortcuts

Below is a list of the most basic shortcuts that will get you started. These shortcuts are for the Across Online Client and Across Translator Edition - some shortcuts may differ in crossWeb. You can usually right-click a segment to see all the actions you can take and the shortcuts for them.

    CTRL + ALT + ENTER to confirm a segment to their final paragraph state, update the TM, and move to the next segment
    CTRL + SHIFT + number to copy a tag from source to target (1, 2, 3 etc. depending on the number of tags in the source)
    CTRL + ALT + number to copy placeables with a blue overline from source to target (1, 2, 3 etc. depending on the number of placeables in the source)
    CTRL + number of term entry (hold down both keys) to insert crossTerm entry
    ALT + INSERT to insert the highest  crossTank TM match into target
    ALT + PLUS to move to the next segment
    ALT + MINUS to move to the previous segment
    CTRL + SHIFT + C to search Concordance on highlighted term in source or target
    ALT + Page Down to copy source to target

For a full list of all shortcuts for the crossDesk editor view, see the this page in the Across online help.