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Across: Filtering and sorting segments

Basic filtering and sorting options

You'll find segment filters behind the funnel icon in crossView.  Tick the boxes next to the segment statuses you want to filter for and click Apply. A note will be displayed above the context view if a filter has been applied. 

To sort the segments in the context view, use the options in the drop-down menu above the segments.

To clear filtering, you can either untick the boxes in the crossView pane or you can click on the icon on top of the context view.
To clear sorting, select No sorting from the drop-down menu.

Filtering 100% and CM matches in Across

Translation stage

After applying the below settings, you will see only 100% and CM matches:

After applying the below settings, you will see all segments except 100% and CM matches:

NOTE! Depending on how the client prepared the project in Across the above filters might not give the desired result. You should always double-check before assuming the filters work perfectly all the time.

Another option would be to sort the segments according to their TM match percentage. There are two options – lowest first and highest first – select one, depending on how you would prefer the segments to be sorted:

Revision stage

After the translation stage, all segments are marked as 100% matches in the TM. To distinguish between client 100% matches and translator-confirmed 100% matches you have to look at the match status which can be either ‘New’ or ‘Server’: