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Spellchecking TE files

How to spellcheck TagEditor files

To enable spellchecking, click Tools > Plug-ins...

Select Spelling Checkers and Word Spelling Checker.

Click OK.

Click Tools > Options.... Select Spelling tab.

Select Check spelling when closing segment option if you wish TagEditor to automatically check spelling in your target text each time you confirm a translation and close a segment.

Select Always suggest corrections option if you want TagEditor to automatically suggest corrections for spelling errors that have been found in your target text.

Click OK.

You can now check spelling of the TagEditor file by clicking button on the toolbar.

There are two spellcheckers available in TagEditor. One is the above option to use the Word spellchecker, provided that Word and Trados are both fully correctly installed and with default options, otherwise it normally doesn't work. The other one is the built-in spellchecker in TagEditor, provided by Wintertree, but not recommended as it might not contain everything that Word's spellchecker does.

If TagEditor's own spellchecking is very slow, you may choose to copy your file into Word for spellchecking:

Open the file in TagEditor, and click Edit > Select all, or press Ctrl+A.

Click Edit > Copy, or press Ctrl+C.

Launch MS Word, and click Edit > Paste, or press Ctrl+V.

View only TT and switch Track Changes on. Check spelling as usual, and after you have finished, enter the necessary changes into the TagEditor file.

TTX files can also be formatted for easier proofreading in Word by the PM, in TTX Utilities. Please ask your PM if simple copying of the TTX file contents into Word does not work. If there are dozens of files to open, we have a tool that makes a single Word file out of multiple individual .doc files, so we can produce a single Word file containing everything, then run spell-check on that (all grey and red DTP tags would be skipped by the spell-checker). Note: any corrections would need to be implemented in the TagEditor files.