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Across: Keeping track of your progress

Confirm segments into their final status as you go through them rather than leaving them with unchanged statuses. When you close the file, your current progress for that file (percentage) is indicated next to the file in question in the My Tasks view.

You can track the progress for the document you are currently working on in crossView under the tab with the tiny progress bar. Figures are from the last time this view was updated, so click Update to update the figures again. Note: The line Untouched contain segments that haven't been started or edited yet and In progress contains segments that have been started, including any pre-translated segments that we are expected to check.

Planning your work

Be smart at the beginning of a large project with a lot of pre-translated 100% entries that need to be checked: Do a search and replace of key terms that you notice early are inconsistent or plain wrong as this saves a lot of time later if/when you encounter these terms anew in the pre-translated material. Important: make sure that such global searches and replaces do not create new problems elsewhere due to dual meanings of source words in different contexts, etc.

Do not part deliver files if you do not have to: You may need to go back to some files later to check or change things, and sometimes you might notice that TM entries you would need for the rest of a multi-file project suddenly are unavailable after you have delivered some files early. Better to keep the files in the file list and deliver them all together (if OK with the PM, always check if this is possible and do not delay deliveries without the PM's permission).

To ensure optimal leverage during translation: Confirm all segments into their final state as you go through them rather than leaving the statuses unchanged. By doing this you will get the full "fuzzy match" benefit from your own work as you go along, not just the fuzzies already present in the client TM at the start of the project. If you are unsure what the final state should be, double-check the project instructions or with your PM.