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Across: Freelancer installation and logging in

The first time you use Across, download the Across Translator Edition from https://www.across.net/en/across-translator-edition-cat-tool/download and follow the installation instructions. You will be required to create an Across acount to activate the product.

Whether you need Across Translator Basic Edition (free) or Premium Edition (paid subscription) depends on how many clients you want to process Across projects for. See Across editor versions for more details.

To use the Across Translator Edition, you'll need a personal .cap licence file which you will receive from your STP PM (together with the password). When you use Across desktop for the first time, and after updates, you will need to import your .cap licence file. Click Add new in the Standby Client box, and import the relevant .cap file. The .cap file stores the server connection details and the username, so only the password will be needed to proceed.


If you are using crossWeb instead, navigate to https://als.stptrans.com/crossWeb/Login.aspx and enter the username and password you've gotten from your PM. The username is the same as for your .cap file.