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Across: Finishing and delivering a file (freelancer)

Make sure that all segments have been confirmed into their final status, otherwise you won't be able to mark the file as Finished.  You can also do this en masse under Tools > Set All Paragraphs to... If you are not sure what status the segments should have, double-check the project instructions or with your PM.

Run QA including spellcheck and process the results. Click on the Finish task flag to finish the task. Note that as soon as a task is marked Finished in Across, all segments from it may be deleted from the local TM, crossTank, depending on the client's settings, and you won't be able to edit the translation or use the TM matches again.

When prompted, select to store translations to the crossTank TM, and not to skip already stored paragraphs. 


After all the tasks are finished, go back to the dashboard and click Deliver Tasks. In the window that opens, select the option that says Upload task(s) to the server directly (crossWAN load). Make sure you select all the files you want to deliver (and leave out any that you don't want to deliver), wait for Across to be done, and then inform your PM that the task is ready.


If you are working in crossWeb, follow the above instructions for finishing and task and storing the translations into the TM. However, there is no need to specifically deliver the files afterwards - they will be saved and delivered automatically when you are done with the dialog and the task will disappear from under My Tasks.