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Recruitment test: IT skills & PM prioritisation

This recruitment test consists of two parts, an IT skills test that you complete using online tests and a PM prioritisation test that you can find on this same page. Depending on the role you are applying for, you will complete either one or both of the tests.

To complete the tests, follow the instructions and save your answers in a Word file according to the instructions so they can be checked afterwards.

1. IT skills test

Total time available: 20 mins.

You will save screenshots of your results in a document named "test results" and email the document to stp.hr@stptrans.com.

Link to access the task Instructions Screenshot
Task 1 https://www.digitalliteracyassessment.org/

Open the website and scroll down until you see the section with the screenshot to the right. Please complete the following two tests:

  • Internet Basics 
  • Windows

Each test opens in a new browser tab. If clicking the links does not work, check that you do not have pop-ups blocked in your browser and if you do, enable them.

After each test, take a screenshot of your results, paste them into a Word document named “test results” and save it on your computer.

Task 2 https://www.typingtest.com/benchmark.html

From this website, take the two-minute typing speed test by clicking the Start button.

After the test, take a screenshot of your results (see an example screenshot to the right), and save it into the same Word document that you created for task 1.

Email the completed document to stp.hr@stptrans.com.

2. PM prioritisation test (Project Coordinator applicants only)

Total time available: 30 mins.

This is your email inbox at 8.30 Monday morning.

1. Review and prioritise the tasks and place them in the order you would handle them.

2. Write an answer explaining why you chose to place the tasks in that order of priority.

Save your answers inside a Word document named “prioritisation test” and save it on your computer.

Email the completed document to stp.hr@stptrans.com.

From: Client A
Time: Friday 16.45 BST
Subject: Forklift manual into Swedish
Hello, could you translate this attached forklift truck manual into Swedish for next Friday 2 pm? I’d need both translation and revision,
there are about 7000 words in it. Could you confirm as soon as possible on Monday morning whether this is OK?

From: Client B
Time: Friday 17.30 BST
Subject: Urgent job!
Hello, I would need the attached Excel translated and revised into Danish, Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian for Tuesday morning.
It’s only 300 words so I hope you can fit it in?

From: Translator 2
Time: Sunday 17.50 CET
Subject: Can't check out project
Hi, please help! I was due to start your project 789654 but I can’t check out the project in memoQ, can you see what’s wrong?

From: Translator 1
Time: Monday 6.30 CET
Subject: STP job 123456
Hi, I’m sorry but I’ve had to go to the hospital to get my wisdom tooth removed urgently and I haven’t been able to work on your translation 123456,
which was supposed to be delivered this morning at 9 am. I can get it done for 12 today if that’s still OK with you?

From: Translator 3
Time: Monday 7.15 CET
Subject: Delivery of STP 321654
I’ve marked this project delivered in memoQ so you can tell the reviser it’s ready for them. I’ll be available this afternoon for finalisation,
so please let me know when the reviser is done.

From: Client C
Time: Monday 7.30 CET
Subject: Icelandic
Good morning! I’m wondering if you also do German into Icelandic? I have a client who should be sending a technical manual for translation today.
Could you let me know as soon as possible, and also what the rate would be?

From: Colleague 1
Time: Monday 8.15 BST
Subject: Layout check help?
Morning! Sorry but can anyone help me with an urgent layout check? I’m swamped with deliveries and 5 new jobs, would really appreciate it
if someone could help me, it’s not going to take more than 15 minutes to do.

From: Reviser 1
Time: Monday 8.30 BST
Subject: Doctor's appointment today
Hi, is it OK that I log off for a couple of hours this afternoon, I was going to start your job 321654 at 10 but I need to go to a doctor’s appointment at 10.30.
The deadline is not till 2 pm, so I should still be able to get the revision done after I come back.