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memoQ ELM license

Instructions on how to grab a temporary ELM license from STP for working on our memoQ server
Previously, STP has used CAL licensing on our memoQ server, which has allowed freelancers to automatically borrow a license when checking out or reopening a project from our server. However, since upgrading to memoQ 8, we have had performance issues relating to CAL distribution, and Kilgray has acknowledged this to be a bug.
Until the bug can be resolved, we have resorted to switch to ELM licensing. The practical difference for freelancers is that they will now have to actively check out a license before they can check out a project from STP's server. This is hopefully a temporary workaround and we hope to switch back to CAL licensing as soon as possible.
Note that any freelancer in possession of their own memoQ license does NOT have to bother with borrowing STP licenses.
To activate an ELM license from STP, so please follow these instructions:
  1. After receiving your PO, open memoQ and navigate to memoQ > My memoQ > Activation
  2. On the CAL tab, click Clear to clear your CAL server credentials if you have any.

  3. On the ELM credentials tab, check if mq.stptrans.com is in the list. If it isn’t, click Add new ELM server and add mq.stptrans.com with your STP memoQ username and password (as provided by the PM).
  4. Ensure that mq.stptrans.com has ELM set to Yes – click Toggle ELM property if it hasn’t.
  5. Now click Update credentials from ELM servers.

  6. Finally, on the Licenses tab, click Take ELM license. You will be prompted to select server - select mq.stptrans.com.

    Once you click OK, you should have a TPro license valid for the duration of your project.

Note that ELM licenses only work for the version of memoQ you grab it from. If you need to swap to a different memoQ version, you have to Return ELM license in the Licenses tab under to memoQ > My memoQ > Activation and then Take ELM license again.