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Configuring the plugin for Passolo 2011 to work with Studio

Concordance error in Passolo 2011

If you get the following error when running concordance in Passolo 2011 you need to configure Studio plugin for Studio 2014.

To fix this:

1) Locate folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Passolo Translator\2011\System\DnTradosStudio in your computer

2) Copy the settings.xml file into a temporary folder folder

3) Open the settings.xml file in the tempory folder in Notepad for editing.

Entering the installation path for Studio 2014 should solve the problem:

4) Copy the edited settings.xml file back into the original location. When prompted, choose to replace the existing file with the edited one, then click "Continue" in the next window.
Passolo should work as usual again.