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memoQ 8: Import Folder Structure

Allows you to import a whole folder structure of files. This is recommended when you have complex folder structure as it will be very difficult to export the files after translation otherwise.

  1. Select the base folder you want to import from (paste it in the Base path field or click the ellips icon next to the field)
  2. Select which file formats to include. The include files field is already populated with all eligible file formats but you may want to limit your formats to only one or a few. Enter the formats like this: *.<extension> and separate by semicolon.
  3. Click Update to have memoQ browse the base path and subfolders to find your files. Make sure all your files are listed.
  4. You can also update the export path directly by changing the rule.
  5. When everything looks as it should, click OK to import the files and the folder structure.