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memoQ 9: Export Bilingual

This option exports the selected file(s) as one out of 3 bilingual formats:

  1. memoQ XLIFF exports the file as memoQs default, XLIFF based format. This can be used for many things, including translation in other tools. Unchecking all tickboxes for this option produces an MQXLIFF file, checking at least one option produces an MQXLZ file (a zipped MQXLIFF that saves space, but cannot be opened in many tools).
  2. TRADOS-compatible bilingual DOC produces a DOC file with source and target text wrapped in old Trados Word styles {0>source<}100{>target<0}. These files can be used in Word with the Trados plugin or to update a TMW translation memory. Also, when importing bilingual Word files to a project, they need to be exported back using this method way as the standard Export functions will only export the target translation.
  3. Two-column RTF is a plain RTF file with a source and a target column. Selecting this format will trigger a second window with numerous settings. Multiple files can be merged in one RTF, a second target column or a column with the project comments can be added, the tag format can be selected, etc.

All above formats can be edited outside of memoQ and then imported back by using the Update From Bilingual option.
Note that views can also be exported as bilingual files.