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memoQ 2015: Find Abbreviations

Allows you to search for potential abbreviations in your file or project, exclude these from the segmentation rules and then resegment the documents.

For example, if your document contains an unknown abbreviation that ends with a period, memoQ will break the segment after this abbreviation, such as "Prof. Smith". If you run Find Abbreviations, "Prof." will be identified automatically as a potential abbreviation candidate. You can then mark it as such and resegment the document so it won't break segment after the abbreviation.

Note that you need to attach non-default segmentation rules to use Find Abbreviations.

If you spot a candidate in the file, you can add it directly through Add Abbreviation
Full instructions here: http://kilgray.com/memoq/2015/help-en/index.html?find_abbreviations.html

PMs, see Segmentation rules for in-depth instructions on how to deal with file segmentation.

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