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memoQ 9: memoQ Web Search

Triggers the memoQ web search feature for the selected word or expression. This allows you to set up frequently consulted websites such as dictionaries, encyclopedias or search engines to be used with one click while translating. memoQ automatically starts searching a highlighted word or phrase in one or more of these pre-setup sources.

When you mark a word in the translation grid and invoke the memoQ web search, the memoQ Web Search dialog appears. All search results from your specified search providers are opened. You can also enter a new word or expression in the Search for field, then click the Search button to start a new search.

Note that web search settings are local resources and must be set up individually.

Default shortcut key: Ctrl+F3.

STP settings

There are preset STP settings available for each main target language (FI, NO, DA, SV, EN). These have a number of common search providers activated by default. In-house staff can import the STP settings into memoQ from here. Freelancers can receive these upon request.

In Default Resources under Options, navigate to Web search and click Import new

Do note that you need to select a setting for each language pair you wish to use the web search for (including language variants).

You can at any time create your own web search settings and include your favourite websites, or adjust the STP presets after import. Do note that it is not recommended to use more than 5 providers per setting to avoid memoQ to slow down.

Note that any search setting that is named something like Add target language needs to be adjusted to pick up your language combination. The method for doing this varies depending on the search provider and can be a little complicated (usually returning a blank search page when incorrectly applied). In-house staff should test any new provider you wish to activate and ask Tech for help if it doesn't appear to give results.

For full instructions on how to edit the web search settings, see https://help.memoq.com/8-2/en/index.html?web-search-settings.html