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memoQ 8: Using a Licence From STP

Until further notice, please follow the ELM licencing instructions here, not the ones below!

If you have your own memoQ licence, you don't need to worry about any further setups but can proceed to checking out any project as described here.
Others can temporarily borrow licences from STP following the instructions below.

Step 1: Make sure memoQ is installed and activated

Make sure you have memoQ 8 installed, updated and activated as described here.
You can see your current version in the memoQ Application Menu (highlighted yellow in below screenshot). If you have memoQ 4Free or Translator Pro trial version, you are good to move on to Step 2. If not, activate your memoQ.

When you are in the Application menu and viewing the My memoQ tab, you can see your Current edition info and also open the Activation dialog window (2nd yellow highlight below).
The Activation window also shows your edition and version information, but more importantly here you can view your licence information in more detail in the Licence, ELM credentials and CAL tabs.

Step 2: STP server or client's server?

Check your PO and project instructions to see if you need to access a project on STP server or on the client's server.
If the project is on the STP server mq.stptrans.com, check that your CAL licence configuration is CLEARED (see below) and jump to Step 4. If it's on a client's server, go to Step 3.

Step 3: Configuring CAL server

Below instructions are for grabbing a CAL licence from STP for checking out a project on client server. This option is ONLY available if a PM has activated a manual CAL licence for check-out, with the sole purpose of allowing you to connect to a project on a different server than mq.stptrans.com
If you are checking out a project from STP's server mq.stptrans.com, do NOT configure a CAL server this way. Instead, make sure your CAL configuration is CLEARED (see below).
  1. Go to Activation under My memoQ in the memoQ Application Menu.
  2. Go to the CAL tab in the dialog window that opens and click Configure.
  3. Then enter the STP server URL mq.stptrans.com and click Test. Insert your STP logins when prompted.
  4. Proceed to checking out the project as per Step 4

Note that a licence activated this way will not be available after the project deadline.
You must then clear the CAL server configuration in order to be able to automatically receive a license from STP when checking out a project, as per Step 4.

Clearing the CAL server configuration

When you need to clear the CAL server configuration, go to Activation under My memoQ in the memoQ Application Menu.
The below screenshot shows where you can clear the CAL server configuration when you need to do so. To clear, click on the clear (2) command.

Step 4: Checking out the project

Use the Check out from Server command to check out a project for translation.
A dialog window will open (see screenshot below). Insert (simply move the cursor into the field and type in) the server URL OR select it from the drop down menu AND click select. Give the login information if/when prompted.
Select the project from the list and click Check out project
The project will now appear in your project list and you can get started.
If the project is on mq.stptrans.com, you will check out a temporary license in the process.


If you cannot check out a project, please go through the below checklist and then contact your PM.
  • Do you have an active memoQ version? See Step 1 how to check this. Please take a screenshot of your Current edition info and attach with your email.
  • Did you insert the STP CAL server information into the Activation > CAL tab and then try check out a project on STP server? This will not work if the proejct is on the STP server mq.stptrans.com. You need to CLEAR the CAL server info and then check out the project.
  • Are you inserting STP server info at check out when the project is actually on another, client server? Please make sure to insert the client server details in the check out dialog (see Step 4) and not the usual STP details. In this workflow, the STP details go into the CAL tab as explained in Step 3, so please also make sure you did not skip Step 3 when checking out a project on client (= not STP) server.
If you get messages during translation about no licence being active, you have temporarily lost your connection to the CAL server.
If this happens, just close the checked out project and open it again to grab the licence anew.