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memoQ 2015: Tag Commands

This button contains various tag functions.

  • Insert All Tags inserts all formatting tags (tags that are present in the source segment and not inserted in the target segment) and inline tags into the target segment in the order of the source tags. Formatting tags start with {1} in every segment. If the target segment is not empty, memoQ checks which tags are present in the target, and inserts all the rest of the tags from the source in the same order at the current position. Default shortcut key: Alt+F8.
  • Remove All Tags removes all tags (formatting and inline tags) from the current target cell. Default shortcut key: Ctrl+F8.
  • Arrange Tags arranges the tags in the target segment based on the tag position in the source cell. No tags are added or deleted in the target cell. Default shortcut key: Alt+F6.
  • Insert New Inline Tag inserts a new inline tag into the target cell.
  • Edit Inline Tag lets you edit the highlighted inline tag. Shortcut key: Ctrl+F9.

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