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Setting up as a sole trader

What is a freelancer and a sole trader?

As a freelancer who carries out assignments outside of an employment relationship, you are your own boss. This is called a "sole proprietorship" or “sole trader”. 

You are responsible for sending invoices and for paying tax, employer contributions and any VAT, and are not an employee of another company. 

In order to carry out freelance work for Sandberg, you need to be able to show that you are set up as a sole trader.

Please find below a collection of information and links that we have gathered which should help you with establishing as a sole trader in your country.

Disclaimer: Please note that this article is not a substitute for legal advice. Sandberg is not responsible for the content provided in any of the links provided and does not endorse any external providers referenced below. Please always check official websites or seek professional advice in your country when you need guidance. 

Setting up as a sole trader in:



Important information about VAT from outside the UK

You should not add VAT to your invoice to us as you are providing a B2B service to us. The B2B general rule for supply of services is that the supply is made where the business customer belongs. For us, that is the UK, and we account for the VAT via the 'reverse charge procedure' in our VAT return.

If you invoice us through an invoicing company, they should not withhold VAT from you either.

You still need to provide us with a VAT or tax registration number.