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memoQ 2015: memoQ Application Menu

The memoQ Application Menu contains the most basic functionality for the software.

The My memoQ pane contains information on your serial number and the type of license of the memoQ copy you are using, your current memoQ edition, version number.
You can also access Activation or run the Activation Wizard to activate your license, when requested,

The New project pane allows you to create a new project, much like the New Project button. Functions to Check Out From Server and Import Package are also available here.

The Open Project pane contains a list of recent projects as well as a button to open a project from the file explorer

Close Project closes the currently open project.

Save Current Document saves all pending changes in the current document.

The Resources pane allows you to access the Resource Console or update any resources that you are using locally but who resides on remote servers (not used by STP).

Open Background Tasks opens a window where you can track the progress of tasks that are handled by memoQ or a memoQ server in the background (such as exporting TM files)

Open Communication Window opens the Communication tab where you can exchange messages with others in the translation team or post comments, if you have previously closed this tab in the project.

The Options pane gives access to the local options as well as proxy settings for your server connection (STP does not use this). There are also a number of options available here that have no particular use but are fun to try :)

The Help Pane allows access to the memoQ 2015 Help. If your Help files do not contain all pages (pages with PM only content are not available on initial installation of memoQ) you can download them here by clicking Download Help. This is only availabe if you are running the Project Manager edition of memoQ. The pane also contains links to Guides And Videos and Recorded webinars on the Kilgray website. The Startup Wizard for new memoQ users can also be launched here

Exit exits memoQ.

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