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memoQ 2015: Muses

Muses is a function still not very much in use by STP, but it can be a potentially very useful productivity tool for individual translators.

Until we get better instructions in place, feel free to research Muses in the memoQ Help: http://kilgray.com/memoq/2015/help-en/edit_the_muse.html

Muses help you to speed up your translations by suggesting phrases from local Translation Memories and LiveDocs in your predictive typing.
Also, Muses must be trained before use. For these reasons, muses are rarely used by STP.

  • Create/Use New creates a new Muse and opens the Train Muse dialog.
  • Properties allows you to view or change the name and metadata of the Muse.
  • Delete deletes the Muse.
  • Import imports a local Muse file in *.MQM format.
  • Export exports a Muse file in *.MQM format.
  • Retrain opens the the Train Muse dialog.