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memoQ 2015: Filtering and sorting segments

The Filtering & Sorting bar above the translation grid provides some very flexible means to filter and sort segments.
These are highly useful tools both for PMs prepping projects, translators working efficiently and for updating feedback or errors.

The bar contains the following tools:

  • Text filters These fields can be populated with text to filter out only those segments that contain the text strings you want.
    Enter text in either or both fields and press Return or click the text filter icon to the right of the funnel icon to apply the filter.
    The "aA" tick box next to the fields turns the filter case sensitive if applied.
    The "spyglass\d" tick box activates regex searches.
    Note that text in tags cannot be found by the filter, but tags can be found by typing \tag.
  • Segment status filter The funnel icon opens the segment status filter menu. There are loads of potential filter options here.
    The Common filters tab contains most of what you would need for translation purposes (eg. filtering for unlocked segments only).
    The Status tab contains more advanced filter options that might be useful for PMs.
  • The X icon removes all filters. Note that filters stack - applying a filter when a filter is already applied will only filter out candidates visible with the first filter.
  • Sorting is done with the drop-down menu in the far right of the bar. You can sort alphabetically, by frequency, segment status, match rate, text length and timestamp. Revert to No sorting to remove any sorting.

More info on filtering and sorting in the memoQ Help: