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Using Translation Assistant in Passolo

This page contains instructions for how to make the most of the Translation Assistant in Passolo, which is essential with all Passolo jobs.

Passolo is different when compared to other CAT tools as it does not have any separate translation memories for lookup and storing translations. Instead, to make use of existing content included in Passolo projects, Passolo has features called Translation Helpers that include actions for pre-translation, fuzzy matching, concordance, terminology (=glossaries), replicates (=repetitions) and Translation Assistant. You can find the settings for these Translation Helpers in the Options window in Passolo. The STP recommended settings are outlined on the general Passolo Wiki page.
Translation Assistant gives you term and fuzzy matches and concordance hits of all open Passolo bundles. To make sure all your Passolo bundles are open in the same session, always use the open command in Passolo rather than double-clicking on the file. 
NOTE! If, for instance, you have 3 Passolo bundles for translation, and also 2 bundles given for reference, make sure to open all 5 bundles at the start of the translation to make use of all content. Do not open the bundles for translation one by one, but keep all content open whenever you are working on the project. 
To activate Translation Assistant, either tick the box in File>Options>Translation Helpers - Translation Assistant
OR click on the icon at the bottom of the Properties window. The Properties window by default is in the bottom right corner of the interface when you have strings open.

Adjust the settings if needed depending on your role and preferences.

You can easily use other Passolo bundles as reference. To do this, make sure to open all bundles in one session. Then open the File > Options dialog window to check your settings. Go into the Concordances page and make sure you have "Current project" and "Other open projects" checked.
Then also make sure you have the Translation Assistant activated to see hits from ALL open bundles in your results view.
After you have activated Translation Assistant you can make full use of the content you have open in Passolo. You can run searches and see the results in the Translation window which is by default located at the bottom left corner.

You can also run a search for the selected string content by using the buttons for fuzzy matches and concordance at the bottom of the Properties window.