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Loading .mdb and .xdt/.xml in MultiTerm 2009

Loading glossaries in MultiTerm 2009

File extensions

.mdb Full termbase containing termbase definitions and term entries
.xdt Termbase definition file
.xml Exported term entries
.sdltb MultiTerm 2009 termbase

These instructions will guide you through loading .mdb, .sdltb, .xdt/.xml files into MultiTerm 2009. Instructions on how to connect a MultiTerm glossary to Trados Workbench can be found here Connecting a MultiTerm glossary to Trados Workbench.

Loading .mdb or .sdltb in MultiTerm 2009

Launch MultiTerm 2009. Go to Termbase > Open Termbase. Click Browse.... Navigate to the folder where you saved the .mdb file and click Open.

Say Yes if prompted by a message about the termbase having been created in an older version.

Click OK. The termbase will now open.

NB. When you open a new termbase, make sure all other loaded termbases are unticked in the Termbase > Open Termbase dialog Select Termbases, you will otherwise have several termbases open at the same time.

Loading .xdt and .xml files in MultiTerm 2009

Launch MultiTerm 2009. Go to Termbase > Create Termbase. Navigate to the folder you want to save the termbase in, give it a name and click Save.

MultiTerm will take you through the Termbase Wizard. Follow the screenshots below.