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To receive remote support from STP's tech team, you will need to run Teamviewer.
Teamviewer is a remote support software and STP has its own branded Teamviewer prompt.
If you have security concerns about allowing remote access to your PC, note that the prompt installs itself automatically when you run it, and uninstalls after you close it. It leaves no ports or other access points open.

Running Teamviewer

  1. When an STP PM or tech team member requests you to run Teamviewer, download our prompt from here:
    (If you have previously installed the full version of Teamviewer, we will still request that you run this branded Sandberg prompt, as it is guaranteed that our Teamviewer version will be able to access this prompt.
    This is not the case with all versions of Teamviewer, including the latest ones available).
  2. Run the prompt after it downloads - the process varies between web browsers

  3. This will trigger a prompt. Enter your name in the field and simply wait for our tech staff to request access.

  4. Once they do, you will be prompted to accept the connection.

  5. When the session starts, you will notice a window in the bottom right of your screen.
    There will be a chat box where you can communicate with our staff.
    Clicking the > tab minimizes the chat.
    Clicking the X icon closes the connection.