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Nordic date & name formats, months

Nordic date & name formats and months

Date formats

Finnish: Short format: 12.2.2010 (day/month/year); Long format: 12. helmikuuta 2010. In the long format, the month name is in partitive case,  i.e. add "ta" in the end of the nominative case forms listed below. 

Swedish: Short format: 2012-02-12 (year/month/day); Long format: 12 februari 2010.

Norwegian: Short format: 12.02.10 or 12.02.2010 (day/month/year); Long format: 12. februar 2010. 

Danish: Short format: 12.2.2010 (day/month/year), 12.2 2010 (with a space before the year) is also an option; Long format: 12. februar 2010.

Name formats

All Nordic languages use [first name last name] as the common name format. Forms of address such as "Dear Mr Jones" are often left out, as titles are not commonly used in greetings. Instead, the translation may just read the equivalent of "Hello [first name]" or even leave the name out altogether and simply greet the addressee with the equivalent of "Hello".


Finnish: tammikuu, helmikuu, maaliskuu, huhtikuu, toukokuu, kesäkuu, heinäkuu, elokuu, syyskuu, lokakuu, marraskuu, joulukuu

Swedish: januari, februari, mars, april, maj, juni, juli, augusti, september, oktober, november, december

Norwegian: januar, februar, mars, april, mai, juni, juli, august, september, oktober, november, desember

Danish: januar, februar, marts, april, maj, juni, juli, august, september, oktober, november, december