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Cheat sheet Idiom WorldServer Server work

Cheat sheet for Idiom WorldServer Server solution

This cheat sheet lists the basic commands and functions for translating projects in the online version of Idiom WorldServer, which you log into using the address and login details provided by the client.
For the local desktop version of Idiom, see Idiom Desktop Workbench STP instructions.

Description Menu Shortcut
Open application Open link from instructions N/A
Close application Logout N/A
Open file Select checkbox next to Task > Claim. Click Edit/Translate > In Browser Workbench N/A
Save file Save N/A
Close file Complete N/A
Open segment Click on translatable segment N/A
Copy source into target segment Tools > Paste from Source N/A
Copy pre-translation into target segment Tools > Pretranslate N/A
Use concordance Tools > Concordance Search Tool N/A
Use glossary Click enabled TM icon next to target segment N/A
Add comment to segment Click comment icon next to target segment N/A
View segment comment Click enabled comment icon next to target segment N/A
Move to next segment Move cursor to next segment with mouse or arrow keys N/A
Print Viewer > Target N/A
Spellcheck Viewer > Target N/A