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"Linguistic only" revision instructions

Managing projects in specialist domains where the text has been translated by a specialist translator, but must be revised by an in-house non-specialist translator

who does not have the specialist knowledge needed for the domain (such as legal, medical, financial)


Ideally the texts should be revised by a reviser with experience in these domains, but when this is not possible, and you have to assign a reviser who does not know the domain, ask them to conduct a “linguistic only revision”. 

Then the original translator should be asked to finalise as far as possible.

There should be no expectation the reviser would be aware of specialist terminology or domain specific phrasing, styles or other requirements.

When conducting the “linguistic only revision”, they should be asked to do the following:

1.       to identify grammatical and spelling errors

2.       to identify possible omissions

3.       not to introduce any term changes

4.       not to make stylistic or preferential changes (not even apparently "harmless" stylistic/preferential changes, as there is a risk they could be changing a domain specific standard phrasing or term that they are unaware of.)


The PM should explain the following in the instructions to the reviser, so it is perfectly clear to the reviser that their role is to perform a "linguistic only" revision, on a domain that they are not expected to be a specialist in:

1.       Please conduct a linguistic revision of the files only.

2.       Please do not introduce term changes or preferential changes. Doing so may result in a change to a domain specific standard phrasing or term chosen deliberately by the translator.

3.       If you suspect there is an error in the translation or something that needs to be reviewed by the translator, please alert the PM and ask them to return the file to the translator to finalise, even if you have been requested to finalise.