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SAP & ERP projects for translators

Brief description of SAP and ERP projects

What is SAP?

SAP is the leading developer of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software. Companies use ERP software to collect, store, manage and interpret data from their different business activities (e.g. HR, sales, accounting), similar to the way we use Nexus at STP to track attendance, holidays, productivity, sales, profits, etc. As such, ERP software can encompass several different areas of a company's business, which results in a lot of different types of subject areas being involved (financial, corporate, marketing, IT, etc).

SAP/ERP for translators

Translating ERP can be tricky as there is a lot of specific vocabulary, and the content is often in the form of strings. The translator has to be aware of the context at all times and pick the right terminology, often from several possible alternatives. However, these projects do vary in their levels of complexity and scope, so instructions and any reference material and glossaries etc. from the client are even more important than in most other types of projects. If you have received very little reference material at the start of the project, please specify to your project manager what type of additional reference material would be helpful, so they can check whether the client would be able to send anything extra.

In terms of available general resources, SAP launched their own (free) terminology portal a few years back, so it can be taken as a general reference for terminology research (and connected to various search tools like memoQ Web Search or IntelliWebSearch if needed). However, it goes without saying that any terminology the client sends for the project takes precedence over any general resources.