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(Finnish) Swedish-English guidelines Guidelines for translating Swedish originating from Finland into English
Across: Adding a comment to a segment
Across: Checking and using TM/TB matches
Across: Different versions and their compatibility
Across: Filtering and sorting segments
Across: Finishing and delivering a file (freelancer)
Across: Freelancer installation and logging in
Across: Freelancer landing page
Across: Keeping track of your progress
Across: Keyboard shortcuts
Across: Opening a file for translation
Across: Running spellcheck and QA
Across: Sandberg's Across setup
Across: Saving a file
Across: Source and target preview
Across: Translating a segment
Across: Translating tags
Across: Using concordance
Across: Using the search functions
Adobe Acrobat Reader: Changing Author Name in Comments Instructions for changing the author name in comments
Alchemy Catalyst Catalyst
ApSIC Xbench ApSIC Xbench
Bokmål vs. Nynorsk Difference Bokmål vs. Nynorsk
Cheat sheet Idiom WorldServer Server work Cheat sheet for Idiom WorldServer Server solution
Cheat Sheet Studio 2021
Cheat sheet Wordfast Pro Cheat Sheet for Wordfast
Cheat sheet XBench Cheat sheet for Xbench
Configuring the plugin for Passolo 2011 to work with Studio Concordance error in Passolo 2011
Danish General Glossaries
Danish Specialist Glossaries
English General Glossaries
English Specialist Glossaries
Exporting Multiterm to XML Exporting Multiterm to XML
Finnish General Glossaries
Finnish Specialist Glossaries
French General Glossaries
French Specialist Glossaries
General Glossaries
General Reference
German General Glossaries
German Specialist Glossaries
Google's Keyword Planner
Hiding text in a Word file
Idiom Desktop Workbench STP instructions Idiom Desktop Workbench Documentation
Idiom WorldServer
Industry Associations
Languages / Linguistics
Mac computers and CAT tools
memoQ 9
memoQ 9: Freelancer landing page
memoQ 9: Using a Licence From Sandberg
MS Teams accepting invitation as an external user
Multilingual General Glossaries
Multilingual Specialist Glossaries
Multitrans Prism
Naming conventions Sandberg naming conventions for memoQ projects and resources
Nordic date & name formats, months Nordic date & name formats and months
Norwegian General Glossaries
Norwegian Specialist Glossaries
Online Glossary Resources
Opening a Project and Settings
Other Specialist Glossaries
Passolo Navigation page on Passolo wiki info
Passport FAQ
Phrase TMS
Phrase TMS for translators
Place name resources for Finnish
QA Navigation page for QA topics
QA and spellchecking in memoQ and alternatives
QA checking Mechanical quality assurance
Recruitment test: IT skills & PM prioritisation
Sandberg default settings for Studio 2021
Sandberg Language Guidelines
Sandberg Translation and Revision Guidelines
SAP & ERP projects for translators Brief description of SAP and ERP projects
SDL Passolo - Opening a Project
Setting up as a sole trader
Setting up as a sole trader in Sweden
Setting up as a sole trader in the UK
Setting up as a sole trader or "sole proprietor" in Denmark
Setting up as a sole trader or "sole proprietor" in Finland
Setting up as a sole trader or "sole proprietor" in Norway
Smartling for Translators
Specialist Automotive Glossaries
Specialist Chemistry Glossaries
Specialist EU Glossaries
Specialist EU Reference
Specialist Financial Glossaries
Specialist Financial Reference
Specialist Glossaries
Specialist IT Glossaries
Specialist Legal Glossaries
Specialist Legal Reference
Specialist Medical Glossaries
Specialist Medical Reference
Specialist Reference
Specialist Technical Glossaries
Specialist Technical Reference
STP Documents Definitive online versions of STP documents
STP MT: Machine translation post-editing: Translators Guidelines for in-house and freelance translators
Summary of different types of tasks
Swedish General Glossaries
Swedish Specialist Glossaries
Trados Studio
Translating EU: EUR-Lex, IATE, EU TMs, Style Guides Translating EU: EUR-Lex, IATE, EU TMs, Style Guides
Translating in Studio 2021
Typing-up tips and formatting tricks for Translators
UK Act of Parliament structure
Using Translation Assistant in Passolo
WinGrep What is Windows Grep and how to use it
Wordfast Anywhere Wordfast Anywhere
Wordfast Quick Guide Wordfast Pro
XTM Editor (new version)