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memoQ 9: Working with sliced documents

Instructions for translators for working with sliced documents in memoQ
Slicing is a handy way for splitting files and sharing the workload between several translators. When you work with slices, there are certain things to be taken into account because slices behave very differently than individual files.
First of all, slices behave as if they were a shortcut to a version of the full file where only certain segments have been made available and editable to the assigned user. You can access the slice in the document list. A slice will look like this in your document list:

Usually, you would only be assigned one slice per document. If you have been assigned more than one slice, both slices will take you to the exact same view in the translation grid ie all the segments that are included in the 2 slices will be editable when you open your slice, no matter how many slices you have. 
When working in the translation grid, you can see that there are white and grey segments. The white segments are those that have been assigned to you and the grey ones are read only segments that have been assigned to another user. You won't be able to edit the grey segments by mistake, but in your translation grid and in preview you will see the main document in full. Below you can see your segments starting at the yellow highlight.

Progress and statistics

To follow your progress in the document list, you will see both the main document and your slice right below it. In the below example, the main document is sliced into 2 equal slices. You can see that your slice (with grey background) is almost 100% confirmed and the main document looks about 50% confirmed. You can mouseover the progress bar to show the numbers. The progress of the main document will of course get updated when the other translators work on their slices.
When you run statistics, make sure to select your slice only and have Selected documents as scope to get the analysis for your workload. If you have the main document selected, or if you run statistics for the full project, you will receive the analysis for the full document, including all the sliced assigned to other translators.
You can deliver your slice when it is 100% confirmed and QA check has been run, it's the same procedure as with "normal" documents.