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What is Windows Grep and how to use it

In the words of the developer, "Windows Grep is a tool for searching files on your disks for occurrences of text strings that you specify. Although Windows and many other programs have file searching capability built-in, none can match the power and versatility of Windows Grep."

NOTE: you can yse WinGrep to search in all sorts of folders, e.g. folders with Word files, not just Microsoft glossaries.

For a translator, Windows Grep is particularly useful in searching for Windows strings and their "official" Microsoft translations. You should have the correct Windows glossary files set as default, so you can simply press Ctrl + F and enter your search string in the window.

In this example we want to know what Network Connections is in the Finnish version of Windows. Checking the Whole Words Only and Match Case checkboxes eliminates unwanted search results but you need to make sure you type the string exactly as it appears in Windows. If you get no results, try unchecking these.

After typing the search string, click OK. Eventually, you will see the search results.

The search results are divided horizontally into two panes. The upper pane shows the glossary files that include the search string. Click on the file name you want and the lower pane will show the matches in that particular file. In the above example we can see that Network Connections is Verkkoyhteydet in the Finnish version of Windows 98.