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memoQ 9: Check Out From Server

Opens a prompt where you can check out a project from a memoQ server.

Checking out server projects

STP jobs are set up as online projects where all files, TMs, termbases and LiveDocs corpora reside on a dedicated memoQ server, and translation is carried out in memoQ which interacts with the project files and materials online.

Use the server address mq.stptrans.com to check out STP projects, the project number/name given to you by the PM, and the memoQ username and password provided by the PM (in-house staff can find their logins here)

Using the Check Out From Server command allows you to insert the Server URL and click Select 

and insert the user name and password when prompted (if they are not saved in your login list already).
There is a checkbox in the below window that is checked by default, which means your login info gets saved in your list by default.
A list of projects assigned to your user name will be displayed. Select the project you wish to access and click on Check out project.
Freelance translators without a personal memoQ license will also receive a project-based CAL license in the process.
This process is described in detail here.