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memoQ 9: Import With Options

This option allows you to import one or several documents to the current project. After selecting documents, the Document import options dialog is triggered where you can select file filters or customize existing ones.

By default, memoQ will show you the files you are importing grouped by file type. How you want to group the files in this import dialog depends on your preference, the grouping does not affect how the files are imported. You can toggle between the different options under Change view > Group documents by.

If you don’t want any grouping at all, select No grouping (flat view).

To change the import filter, select the files you want to change it for and click Change filter & configuration. Alternatively, double-click in the Filter & configuration column next to the file name. You can either scroll through the list or type in the field to narrow down your selection. However, do note that the latter method only allows you to change it one file at a time.

To change which languages the file should be imported into or whether you want to reimport it (to replace a previous version of the same file) or import it as a new file (to add a new file instead of replacing an existing one), click Change action & languages and use the radio buttons and tick boxes to make your edits.