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memoQ 9: Pre-Translate

This function allows you to apply TM and LiveDocs segments onto a selection of segments, an open file or view, selected files on the Project Home page or the entire project.
PMs can also decide to confirm and/or lock segments based on the pretranslation match level on the Confirm/lock tab.

Exact match with context will apply only 101% matches - 100% matches preceded and followed by 100% matches (context).
Exact match will apply 100% matches.
Good match will apply any match above the "good match threshold" (the STP default is 95%, but can be adjusted).
Any match will apply any match above the "any match threshold" (the STP default is 75%, but can be adjusted).

Pretranslating overwrites existing translations the following way:

  • Empty segments are always filled in if there is a match
  • Pre-translated segments are overwritten only if there is a better match available
  • Edited or confirmed segments are NOT overwritten. You need to clear these segments first if you want to pre-translate them. Use Clear Translations for this.

If you are applying machine translation during pretranslation, see MT pre-translate for PMs for the full workflow.

Clicking Configure MT plugins… takes you to the MT settings under Settings > MT settings in the local project where you can select the MT engine. Alternatively, you can navigate to the same place and select the engine first before you open the pretranslate dialog by going to to Project home > Settings > MT settings.


To select which TMs will be used during pretranslation, click Select TMs and LiveDocs corpora. If you are pretranslating all of the project languages at the same time, you will see a list of all TMs for all languages on the left. Tick the ones you want to use, follow the guidelines.

Since we rarely use LiveDocs, the right side of the dialog will almost always be empty.

Click OK and and OK again to start pretranslating the files.