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memoQ 9: Concordance

You can run two types of concordance in memoQ:

  • The 'normal' Concordance searches for entries that contain the word, term or expression you are looking for in the attached translation memories or LiveDocs corpora. Shortcut Ctrl+K.
  • The MT Condordance looks up a machine-translated suggestion for the selected word, term or longer expression that you have highlighted in the text. Shortcut Ctrl+Shift+K. Note that you need to have an MT engine selected and active for this to work. You can use MT Concordance to look up a suggestion for part of the segment even if your segment has already been pretranslated with MT.

  • You can launch the Concordance window and type or paste your search into the Text field, but it is more efficient to first highlight the thing you want to search for in the text before clicking Concordance, as this copies the text into the Text field for you.

    Concordance is a useful tool to look for how individual words have been translated previously. Unfortunately, there are no settings to prioritize or exclude TMs, which means that you must take care not to contradict previous client usage when running concordance on multiple TM/LiveDocs sources.
    There are a couple of things you can do to get a better overview of your matches:

    1) Use the "source + target" view instead of the "three-column view". 

    The source+target view shows the TM source behind each concordance match more clearly (although you still cannot filter or sort based on the TM source).

    Three-column view:

    Source + target view:

    2) Disconnect the DT TM or other TMs that give a lot of "noise" in your concordance searches.

    DT TMs will contain very varied content and may produce a lot of "bad" concordance matches. You can simply disconnect this TM from your project if you feel it is not helping you (just untick the TM in the translation memories pane).
    Please report to your PM if you do so.
    Other TMs are less likely to give bad matches but if they do, please consult with your PM if it is acceptable to remove it from the project.

    3) Sort your results by clicking on the meta-information column header (in source+target view). 

    You can toggle between these sorting options: 

    Sort by user name and modification time / User name A-Z / User name Z-A / Recently modified first / Older entries first 

    For in-house staff, an alternative to concordance is to reference TMs through Nexus. See memoQ TM tools in Nexus for instructions on how to concordance search TMs on our memoQ server.
    For example, a DT TM can be disconnected from a memoQ project to avoid producing "noise" hits" but then referenced through Nexus as backup.

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