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memoQ 9: Compare Versions

If the active document uses versions and there is at least one earlier version, you can compare the two versions by displaying tracked changes between them. This is especially useful when the translator is to finalise the translations after they have been revised. Note that the tracked changes don't work in views, only in individual files.

Please note that the Compare Versions is not the same thing as Tracked Changes. Using Compare Versions shows edits that have already been made and implemented, and there is no need or even option for accepting or rejecting any of the changes; if the translator finalising the project agrees with a change the reviser has made, they should simply leave the segment as it is and move on. However, if they disagree with a change, they should edit the segment to either revert it back to the original translation or make any other changes they wish. To see all previous versions of a translated segment, right-click on it and select Row history.

The Compare Versions button displays a menu with multiple options:

  • Off displays the latest version of the document; it does not show differences from an earlier version.
  • Against Last Received Version displays the differences from the last version of the document that was imported on the computer from a bilingual file or a handoff or delivery package. Also shows the differences from the last tagged version.
  • Against Last Delivered Version If you are working on an online project or a handoff package, this option displays the changes since the document was last delivered (anywhere) using the Deliver command. Generally, if you are revising or finalising an STP project, this is the option to select.
  • Against Last Inserted Match displays the differences from the last inserted match in a segment and the match in the TM.
  • Custom displays the Track changes against previous version dialog where you can choose an earlier version of the document from the full document history.
  • Export Changes To Word to exports a Word document (regardless of the original file format) where the changes are shown as Tracked changes.