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memoQ 9: Split/Join

Allows a translator to split or join segments.

  • Split Segment splits one source segment into two segments at cursor position. The target text will remain in the first segment, while the newly created segment will be empty. To use this command, first position the cursor in the source cell to the point where you want to split the text. Default shortcut key: Ctrl+T.
  • Join Segments joins two or more segments into one. If you do not explicitly select the segments to be joined, the current and the next segment will be joined. If there is text in the target cells, they are also joined. Default shortcut key: Ctrl+J.

Note the following:

  • Split/Join must be allowed in the project (this is not the default setting at STP)
  • Split/Join does not work in views or when a filter is applied
  • Join will not always work depending on the file format and segmentation, even if joining segments is allowed in the actual project
  • When you want to use Split/Join, please inform the PM. As long as memoQ allows Split/Join, it is usually ok to do so but there may be exceptions.