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memoQ 9: Go To Next Settings

The button (or the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+G) opens a dialog where you can do 2 things:

  1. Entering a segment number in the Row number field (which is selected by default when you trigger Go To Next Settings) and clicking Jump to this row or pressing Return takes you to the selected segment. Handy for quick navigation when you know which segment you are looking for.
  2. This window is also used for setting your general Go to next settings. These settings are the conditions of the segments you want to access during translation. You will jump through these segments using the Go To Next command or automatically when you confirm a segment, as long as Automatically jump after confirmation is ticked.

Editing Go To Next settings

You can set the Go To Next settings rather flexibly, to allow for different workflows.
Note that when you edit your Go To Next settings and click OK to save the settings, you will also jump to the next segment that matches your new settings. These settings apply to the rest of the project. But if you click Remember, memoQ will remember the settings you made and consider them default for all projects.

Full instructions here: https://help.memoq.com/8-2/en/index.html?go-to-next-segment.html

Default Go To Next settings

For most projects the below settings are recommended. With these, you will be taken to the next unlocked and unconfirmed segment when confirming the current segment.