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memoQ 9: Term bases

Term bases are key major resources in memoQ and most other CAT tools.
They contain terms in various languages and are used to flag instances of these terms during translation and suggest a set translation if available.

STP uses strict naming conventions for TBs and other resources, see Naming conventions.

Term bases can be added and accessed by clicking the Term bases pane in a project, which opens the Term Bases ribbon . You can also access TBs directly from the Resource Console.

In the Term bases pane, you can select which term bases are included in the QA by ticking/unticking the boxes under the QA column. Whenever new projects are created (either manually or with the Project Creator), all term bases are automatically ticked.

  • Create/Use New opens the New term base dialog where you can create a new, blank TB and attach it to the current project.
  • Register Local adds a local memoQ TB to memoQ. This is rarely done at STP as our resources live exclusively on the server.
  • Properties displays the TB properties dialog. Users with access rights (only admins and the original creator of the TB by default) can change the TB name, metadata and lookup settings here.
  • Delete deletes a TB. Cannot be used if the TB is attached to a project.
  • Use In Project/Remove From Project attaches or unattaches the selected TB to or from the project.
  • Set As Target For New Terms sets the selected TB as the highest ranked TB in the project, and makes it the default target for added terms and the automatic target for terms added with the Quick Add Term function.
  • Raise/Lower Rank raises or lowers the rank of a TB in relation to other TBs attached to the project.
  • Import Terminology opens a dialog to import the contents of a CSV, Excel or TMX file into the selected term base.
  • Export Terminology exports the contents of the selected term base into a CSV or tab-separated text file.
  • Repair Resource starts a wizard for repairing TBs. Use if memoQ warns you that the TB appears damaged.
  • Synchronize Offline creates a local copy of the selected online term base, or – if the local copy already exists – synchronizes the contents of the local and the remote copies: uploads any local changes, and downloads any remote changes. This section is only visible in checked out online projects. Note that most STP projects do not allow checking out TBs locally.
  • memoQ server allows you to select the memoQ server where you look for or access TBs. Note that you need to have access rights to the server.

During translation, TB matches are displayed in blue in the Translation results. You can expand and collapse term metadata and examples, and you can quickly add examples to any term from the current translation segment or the selected concordance hit.

You can add terms to a term base during translation with the Add Term function.
Right-clicking a match allows you to edit or delete part of the term.