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memoQ 9: Download and install memoQ 9

There are three steps to getting your memoQ ready for working. Do note that if you have purchased your own memoQ licence, you do not need to grab a licence from STP.

1. Download

Freelancers can download the latest version of memoQ 9 here: https://www.memoq.com/downloads.
Although different memoQ versions are mostly compatible (as long as they're not extremely old), STP can only endorse and support using memoQ 9. Using other versions is ok, but if any issues are reported we will usually request that you install the same build of memoQ 9 as our server is running, and access the project with that version.

2. Install

For installation instructions, please check the memoQ Installation and Activation guide: https://www.memoq.com/en/support/guides-and-videos/translators. This document also contains instructions for how to upgrade or activate your memoQ licence for use in memoQ 9. 
Note that all memoQ versions are separate installations on your PC, so memoQ 9 does not replace previous installations. There is no need to uninstall any older versions of memoQ before installing newer ones.

3. Activate

Do not forget this step! Once you have downloaded and installed memoQ 9, you need to activate your free version using the "I am a new user" button in the Activation Wizard. This is a fundamental step to receive a serial number for your memoQ installation.
After that has been done, you can check out a project in STP's memoQ server. If you are borrowing a licence from STP, please refer to the licence activation instructions here.