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memoQ 9: Spellchecking settings

You can set spellchecking settings in Options under Spelling and grammar. These need to be set once only for all target languages you work with.

By design, memoQ uses Hunspell. In this dialog, you can also choose to Check spelling as you type by ticking the corresponding box.
If ticked, suspected spelling errors will show as wavy red underline in the Translation Grid as you translate.
You can also toggle this feature during translation with the On-the-fly spelling button.
Spellchecking a whole file or view should always be done before delivery.
To load Hunspell dictionaries:
  • Select the target language from the drop-down list.
  • Tick Use Hunspell for spelling in this language.
  • Click Look for more dictionaries online.
  • Click Check for ftp5.gwdg.de as the Host and pub/openoffice/contrib/dictionaries/ as Remote directory (these are the default links).
  • Select the necessary target language packs and click Download checked items.
  • Tick the downloaded dictionary in the Hunspell dictionaries list and click Apply.
  • Repeat for all the other languages you want to download spellcheckers for. Do not forget to set a variant for base languages (En UK for English for example.)

For languages that do not have Hunspell spellcheckers (Finnish), or just if you prefer, you can select MS Word spellchecker for your target language.

NOTE: Target languages with more than one language variant (e.g. English, Norwegian, Swedish) must set the spellcheckers for all variants. To do this, select the approriate dictionaries for all possible target languages. In effect, translator who works into English will need to set dictionaries for English, English (UK) and English (US).

NOTE FOR NORWEGIAN: It seems memoQ is quite sensitive about sublanguages, and you might experience that, for example, if a project has been set up for "Norwegian" the Hunspell spellchecker for "Norwegian (Bokmål)" is not displayed or picked up automatically. Follow the below troubleshooting instructions to fix this.

Close memoQ. In this folder on your computer C:\ProgramData\MemoQ\Spelling\Hunspell, create a copy the files "nb_NO.dic" and "nb_NO.aff". Rename these copies to "no.dic" and "no.aff". Open memoQ and in Tools > Options > Settings, select to use Hunspell dictionaries for "Norwegian". The dialog will display the "no" dictionary, but in reality that one is the Bokmål dictionary you copied and memoQ will use that for spellchecking all projects set up for "Norwegian".

NOTE about grammar checking: memoQ only checks for spelling, so grammar checks such as duplicated words that would be picked up by the Word grammar checker, are not picked up in memoQ. However, memoQ QA checks for duplicated words so these will be flagged during QA.