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memoQ 9: Matchpatching

Matchpatching is an improved version of fragment assembly that also improves the match percentage. Basically, TM matches are "improved" by replacing key words from other sources like termbases or machine translation.

The "patched" TM match is higher than the original match and marked with an exclamation mark preceding the percentage value.
The value can never exceed 94% (an arbitrary upper limit set in memoQ).

Note that these matches are only used in the Translation results, not for leveraging the text.

Matchpatching is activated by default in memoQ 9, but you can turn it off under Miscellaneous > Lookup results in Options. If in-house translators are using machine translation as self-service, the selected MT engine will participate in the matchpatching by offering an MT suggestion where only the differing part of the segment has been MTed and the rest of the segment uses the existing fuzzy TM match.



The TM contains a translation of the sentence "Ice cream sells better than software"
The TB contains a translation for the term "hardware"
The text contains the sentence "Hardware sells better than software"
The original TM match is a 73% match, but when replacing the word "ice cream" in the TM mach with the translated term "hardware" from the TB, the match percentage is up to 94%.