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memoQ 9: Delivering a project

When a linguist has finished a task (translation or revision), it should be delivered to the next stage. First, check that all files show 100% translated (confirmed). In the Translations file list view, select all the documents you want to deliver. Click Deliver/return on the Documents ribbon. Alternatively, you can right-click on the selected documents and select Deliver/return.

Delivering a project or files this way sends them to the next stage in the project, which depends on how the project is set up. Please inform your PM if you get a workflow error message when opening a file so they can double check all files are ready for the next stage.

Your task is NOT considered finished before you have Delivered the project.

Translation only

Delivering marks files completed and creates a new minor version of the document. Please also email the PM after delivery.

Translation and revision

Translator's delivery marks files ready for reviser to start.

When the reviser is ready to deliver by Deliver/return they have an option to either deliver, which marks files finished (green) for the PM, or return files to the previous actor (translator):

  • if the reviser is also finalising, they should Deliver the project once it's ready for final delivery.
  • If the translator is finalising, the reviser should Return the files to the previous actor, which sends the files back to the translation phase where the translator can finalise.

The translator should then use Deliver/return the files again after they have finalised them.

If you cannot Deliver

First check that all your files are 100% completed . Then check that all critical QA issues are resolved. Also, all tag issues should be fixed before delivery.

The PM decides which workflow is used, and how the translation should be delivered. Since memoQ 2014, the PM can also decide to not allow a delivery if there are unresolved QA issues.