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memoQ 9: Revision

Revision is the process of proofreading a translation produced by another linguist in memoQ.
There are individualised workflows, but when revising translations in memoQ, the following will generally be true:

  • All segments in scope will be confirmed and unlocked. Double check with the PM if you find other segments and nothing is mentioned in your instructions.
  • You will generally be assigned to the R1 role, which means that your confirmed segments will have a little plus sign next to the tickmark. There is no need to confirm all segments this way, only the ones you actually change.
  • Make ample use of the filtering and sorting functions to speed up revision. For example, use the text filters to find all instances of a particular word that you want to change.
  • If you are sending the revision back to the translator for finalisation, make sure that you are able to deliver the project by returning it to the previous actor or the translator will not be able to compare versions.
  • Do not use Tracked changes unless your PM has specifically asked you to do so.