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memoQ 9: Checking out online projects

All STP projects are online projects. The files in a project are not accessible directly in the online project - any file prep or translation needs to take place in a checked-out copy of the online project.

  • Translators check out the project in memoQ by using the Check out from server command on the Project ribbon. Use the server address mq.stptrans.com to check out STP projects, the project number/name given to you by the PM, and your memoQ user name and password.
  • PMs can check out their online projects by clicking Check out local copy in the online project.
Freelance translators without a personal memoQ license will also receive a project-based license in the process. Note that in order for this to happen, a CAL server must not be set up! If a freelancer needs to borrow a project-based licence, they must first clear any CAL server setup under Help > Activation > CAL.
NB: To check out a project and a project-based license, a freelancer must have memoQ installed and activated. This can be a paid license or a memoQ 4Free license, which is a limited licence available to all memoQ users for free. However, freelancers may need to activate this 4Free license. This is done by running the Activation wizard (automatically on start, or from the Help menu) and selecting I wish to update my licenses from Kilgray’s central activation server.