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memoQ 9: Finalisation

Finalisation is the last workflow step in an STP translation project. After initial translation and secondary revision, finalisation is performed as a last sanity check before delivery. Depending on the project, it can be performed by the reviser or the original translator.

When finalisation is performed by the reviser, no additional workflow steps apply - the reviser simply ensures that the file is ready for delivery in terms of quality.

When finalisation is performed by the original translator, the usual workflow is as follows:

  1. The reviser returns the project to the last actor.
  2. The translator synchronises his/her checked out project, or checks out the project again with the same credentials as in the translation phase.
  3. The translator uses Compare Versions against the last delivered version to check what changes the reviser has implemented.
  4. After tracking changes, the translator can apply a filter to show only segments with tracked changes.
  5. The translator processes the changes by the reviser and makes the final delivery to the PM when ready.