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memoQ 9: Transcribing images

Some projects contain image files for translation, but these must first be transcribed.

If your PM asks you to transcribe image in a project, follow these steps:

  1. Check out the project
  2. Start transcribing by clicking Transcribe Images on the Documents ribbon
  3. A tab will open where all images in the project are listed and transcriptions can be added.
    The Preview pane will display the image in question.
  4. To transcribe, simply type the text from the image into the Transcription column.
  5. Note that depending on the import source, all images or only some may be suitable for transcription. Check with your PM.
  6. Any image unsuitable for transcription/translation (like the image below) can be ignored. These images can be locked during transcription (by clicking the Lock icon on the right or pressing Ctrl + Shift + L), and locked images Hidden to remove them from the list (using the tick box on the left).
  7. Once all relevant images are transcribed, inform the PM how much time you spent on transcribing.
  8. Wait until the PM provides you with a new wordcount (with the transcription time and the additional words for translation included)
  9. Synchronize your project and start translating. All image files will now be translatable using your transcriptions.