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Instructions for Passolo workaround on AVD

We have encountered issues when working on Passolo jobs on AVD, whereby content in Passolo bundles cannot be saved, leading to lost work. When you get a Passolo project in any version of Passolo, we recommend following the below workflow. Note that this workaround is not a 100% reliable solution. Translating the project on your local PC is also an option, particularly for larger projects. 

1.       Open the STP project folder where the PM has placed the bundles.

2.       On your WVD desktop, you will find an icon called Passolo Temp Folder. This icon is a shortcut to a folder that is stored directly on the C: drive of the WVD host that you are currently on. Open the folder by double-clicking the shortcut.

3.       The shortcut will take you directly to a subfolder with your initials. Copy the Passolo bundles from the STP project folder into this folder.

4.       Open the correct version of Passolo and open the bundles from the folder you just copied them into. Do not edit the bundles in the STP project folder.

5.       When you are either fully done translating the bundles or are stopping for the day, save your work and copy the bundles from the folder you worked in back to the STP project folder, overwriting the unedited files. If you are continuing your work the following day, repeat the procedure of copying your bundles to the working folder and copying them back to the STP project folder when you’re done.

a.       Do not leave files in the working folder on the C: drive overnight. This is because the files are stored directly on that particular AVD host, not in a shared network. If you log in the following day you might end up on a completely different host than the previous day and will no longer have access to your files.

b.       There is no need to specifically go and delete the files from your working folder on the C: drive (unless you have very many projects and find it difficult to keep track of them)– they will be automatically deleted after every Patch Tuesday when we deploy new AVD hosts.